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Another traditional trip from Laramie is a quick jaunt up to Vedauwoo (Vee-dah-voo). It is one of the climbing meccas of the world, as the giant Sherman Granite boulders are perfect for supporting human bodies handing from a bolt clip.

In the picture to the right, try to spot Laura, Jenn and Emerson having lunch on one of the boulders — it really puts the size of the place in perspective. 

Vedauwoo Rock Pile
Prickly-Pear Cactus
Winded Wood

The wind blows continuously in Wyoming, and trees really bear the brunt of it. This picture shows what it means to survive in Wyoming. 

Elephant Heads
Climbing Mecca
Emerson setting off a dandelion

Emerson enjoyed the hike, especially the dandelions along the way. Here, he has figured out the wind is stronger than his breath. 

Easter Island Rock
Brown Eyed Susan (?)
Gregg on the Rocks

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