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While in Wyoming, we had to make a trip up to the Snowies, one of the most special places for me and Jenn. It was Emerson's first trip there and we showed him the flats and hiked along the base of the main escarpment. 

Libby Flats Flowers
Emerson Taking Off
Alpine Gold (?)

In late June, the wildflowers were blooming over Libby Flats. It was quite beautiful. 


While Dad and Jenn walked around, I let loose my shutter control and snapped as many pictures as I could of the natural splendor. 

Snowies, and Jenn Walking
Yellow Glacier Lillies
Dad and Jenn Pondering—

The snowies really are an amazing sight — they fill the sky with the sharp cliff side. Jenn and I spent a number of winters and summers hiking through the snowies while we were in college. It has always been a very special place to us. 

Long Panorama of the Snowies

We could not resist the urge to hike along the base of the Snowies, which was blooming with the flowers at that time. 

Trail along the Base of the Snowies
Another Snowies Shot
Can you spot Dad and Jenn?

The large panorama of the snowies just begins to touch upon the size of the snowies. Look closely and you should be able to find Dad and Jenn talking.

To the right is a shot of the three generations of Peters boys. 

The Peters Boys
Crashed Airplane Engine
Last Snowy Range Shot

Back in the 50's, a plane crashed directly into the front cliff of the snowies, killing all on board (including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir). You can still find many remnants of the plane littering the base of the mountain. Above is one of the engines. Another engine is still resting in the lake to the left. 

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