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Latin Name:

Fritillaria lanceolata

Common Name(s):

Chocolate Lily, Mission Bells, Checker Lily

Family Name:



1-4 feet

Flower Size:

0.75-1.5 inches long

Flower Shape:

Bell Shaped


Brown/Black ()


Nodding dark brown/purple/black flowers mottled with greenish-yellow spots. A single stem has 1-5 flowers at the tip of the stalk.


Like many of the lillies, the bulbs of the Chocolate Lily were eaten by Native Americans. The Chocolate Lily, like its close relative, the Northern Rice Root has a number of rice-like bulbets surrounding its single main bulb.


Open flats and slopes covered with grass or brush, open woods

Blooming Season:


Related Flowers:

Northern Rice Root, Yellow Bells, Tiger-Lily

Similar Flowers:

Northern Rice Root

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