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Latin Name:

Lilium columbianum

Common Name(s):

Tiger Lily, Oregon Lily, Columbia Lily

Family Name:



2-4 feet tall.

Flower Size:

2-3 inches wide

Flower Shape:



Orange ()


The Columbia Tiger Lily consists of several nodding flowers on a moderately tall gangly stem The flowers are bright orange with dark red spots near the center of the flower. The 6 tepals bend sharply backwards. The Vollmer's Tiger Lily (Lilium vollmeri) is another variation found in the pacific northwest.


If you smell a tiger lily, you are bound to get freckles. It is one of the most popular flowers of the west, alongside Indian Paintbrush and Columbine.


Coniferous woods, meadows, low to subalpine elevations, prairies

Blooming Season:


Related Flowers:

Chocolate Lily, Yellow Glacier Lily, Avalanche Lily

Similar Flowers:

Yellow Glacier Lily, Monkeyflower

Single nodding tiger lily

Tiger lillies usually come in groups of flowers nodding over the trailside.


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