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The last major hike was by far the most grueling, as the Patagonian weather imprinted its force and fury into our weather worn skins. The 15 mile hike was accompanied by fierce winds laden with bitter rain, sleet, and snow. No ounce of our goretex protected skins was left unassaulted. Every layer, every backup was defeated by the constant pounding of sleet. All this, of course, made the view more appreciated, for object well earned is far more valuable than an object given freely. 

Manuel stands like an equal
Our group takes a lunch break sheltered behind an outcrop; notice the Grey Glacier reaching out beyond them.
Three Men over the Glacier Grey

As we neared the glacier, the wind sweeping down it assaulted our bones, leaving any skin as mere paper protection. 

Roberto in search of a glacier to touch

We arrived at the Refugio Grey (Grey Camp) beaten, but a few of us set off for a few extra miles in hopes to touch the glacier directly. After another mile or two in the attempt, after climbing up by roots and down via mud slicks, we turned back unrequited. 

Glacier Grey
The ever-present Notro
Snow at Refugio Lago Pehoe

To get back, I went directly into cross country running mode, setting a rhythm and keeping to it without distraction. I went straight to the Refugio Lago Pehoe's showers, where I was thrown directly into a shower by a most kind lady camp host.

After an intense night of rest, we all awoke to Thanksgiving Day, complete with several inches of snow. 

Patagonia Camping

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