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This is a collection of my favorite photos from the Patagonia Trip. The text is one of the writings I made while hanging out in Puerto Natales at the end of the trip. 

Lago Pehoe at Dusk
Horses below Torres del Paine

Oh to muse upon the plethora of sounds emanating from a fierce wind unseen, harrowing over the dilapidated building built by happenstance in its way. There are howls: some high pitched and dreary, some low and cautious. Crescendos y decrescendos. There are the momentary lapses of silence - not of no wind, but rather the vacuum of equal and opposite fierceness in all directions. 

Hosteria Pehoe

Beneath all these gusts, struggle noises in search of recognition over the bellows of air rushing the rooftop: The wheezing of the air in the house, flowing through ducts in and out as pressure regulates unbeknownst to my senses. 

Zapatito de la Virgen
Near Laguna Azul
Gauchos near Laguna Azul

There are the subtle pinpricks of air leaking through defects in my man made fortress, weaknesses in the door frame, windows that hint of the intangibility my eyes deceive me to. There are the ancillary moans and creaks of a house unrequited, falsely made sinister in light of the unreproached pressures. 

The Patagonia Steppe

Invariably, there must be something swaying in the distance, creaking over and around some well used, rusty lever point, begging to be battened down, blanketed from the buffets feeding ferociously on its helplessness.  

Manuel praising victory
Withstanding Glacier Grey
Lago Grey Overwhelming

And then... a door opens or a vent releases, a tendril reaches in with a growing rush, gaining monstrous momentum, seeking flesh to consume, infiltrating and flowing into its eventual silence... 

Etched Waves

...where in its momentary end, returns again to its utter indifference to my quiet breaths that consume my body.  

Grey's Iceberg Field
Cuernos y Cerro Paine

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