Geoff and Jenn's 1997 Glacier NP Trip
Day 0: Umatillas, OR

9/7/97: Going to Glacier National Park for vacation this year. With Geoff to start his new position at work and a baby on the way. It will offer a nice break before things/life gets hectic.

Left Portland on I-84 to Pendleton. Seems like we just got started when we had to stop for a car fire on the interstate. Quite amazing and somewhat frightening to see the front quarter of an RV completely melted to the ground.

What an RV Burning to the Ground looks like

Grabbed a bite to eat in Pendleton (At a Wendy's we have been to before!) and decided to go the back way to Lewiston, ID. Also contemplated the fact that everytime we have been through Pendleton, it has been during a major life transition: '95 - to our wedding in Wyoming, '96 - moving to Portland, and '97 - with baby on route.

Quick Snapshot of Jenn

Drove backroads in to Jubilee Lake in the Umatilla National Forest. Being the weekend after Labor Day, we had the entire place to ourselves. 

Camping in style -- no fee (we sneaked under the deadline for the season), flush toilets, scavenged firewood, and no neighbors (#15). Notables include: Dozens of fish jumping at sunset ("Happy, frisky fish at Jubilee Lake!"), Geoff coming face to face with a deer on his way to the toilet, bats skimming the lake surface, mist rising over the calm water in the early morning, and silent birds swooping overhead (hearing their wings beating the air). 

 Campsite 15 (Red tint is Camera Leakage)



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