Geoff and Jenn's 1997 Glacier NP Trip
Day 1: Idaho Dirt Road Driving


Sunrise over Jubilee Lake 


Packed up camp and headed over the river and through the woods after trying to find the infamous, lore'd "Big Sink" south of the lake. Turned out to be the "Big Stink"! Headed to Troy, Oregon on back roads with barely enough clearance in the cavalier (looking forward to that new car).

Troy just happens to be a little green oasis of a town at the bottom of the biggest damn canyon I have ever seen! Put the Cav through the moves down the hill just to find out that we had to go up the other side! All said and done with, we traversed the Grande Ronde River Valley on Washington Highway 29 to find out we could have gone from Troy to Boggan's Oasis, Washington directly!

Passed through Lewiston, Idaho and started up Highway 12 to Missoula. Very pretty drive up the canyon, but it seems to last forever. It is the canyon and river that Geoff swears flows uphill against all known physical laws of nature. I must admit the optical illusion is very convincing. Check out Milepost 8.

Arrived in Missoula about 6:30 and decided against going on to the campgrounds east of the city. Opted instead for an enjoyable dinner at Applebies and a cozy room down the street at Motel 8. The hot bath after the day of driving felt great and put me right to sleep!



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