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Latin Name:

Vicia sativa

Common Name(s):

Common Vetch

Family Name:



1-4 feet

Flower Size:

0.5 - 0.75 inches

Flower Shape:



Pink/Lavender ()


Lavender "pea flowers" loosely grouped towards the tip of a long climbing vine. The leaves of vetch are arranged in a long set of oppositely positioned oval leaflets.


There are several varieties of vetch in the Pacific Northwest, but unfortunately the plant has a popularity problem with me. How do you get excited about a mostly non-native plant that has the name "vetch"? The American variation of the Common Vetch (American Vetch) produces cyanide when swallowed -- so keep the seeds away from kids.


Roadsides, fields, disturbed areas

Blooming Season:


Related Flowers:

Lupine, Clover

Similar Flowers:


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