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Latin Name:

Dicentra formosa

Common Name(s):

Bleeding Heart, Western Bleeding Heart, Pacific Bleeding Heart

Family Name:

Bleeding Heart


6-18 inches

Flower Size:

.5 to .75 inches long

Flower Shape:



Pink (),  Purple ()


Pink-Purple hanging flowers that are heart shaped. Lower lobes spread outwards. Divided parsley or fern-like basal leaves. Flowers occur in clusters of 5-15 at the top of the stem.


An incredibly beautiful flower that is at its best in the Pacific Northwest. Ranchers call them staggerweeds, as they are toxic to their cattle.


Dense, moist woods, streambanks, shaded places

Blooming Season:


Related Flowers:

Dutchman's Breeches, Corydalis, Steer's head

Similar Flowers:

Bleeding Hearts Reaching...

Bleeding hearts are such beautiful flowers — they have the perfect balance of delecate, accenting flowers with rich, texturous foliage. 


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