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If you are an avid hiker in Oregon, or the Pacific Northwest in general, these are the general resources that I would recommend.

Web Sites

Audobon Society: Portland, Oregon, Washington
REI Portland Clinics and Events

Trail Guides

My ultimate hiking hero is William L. Sullivan, who publishes a whole series of books on hiking in Oregon. His books are the definitive source for Oregon hiking trails, in my opinion. They are so commonly known, that often times they are just referred to as "the red book", "the blue book", etc. The trail descriptions are fairly complete, and have the most meaty descriptions out there. Most of the trails on this website follow his naming scheme. Be sure to visit his website.

At Amazon, you can purchase his Northwest OregonCentral Oregon CascadesSouthern OregonOregon Coast, and Eastern Oregon guides.


US Forest Service Campground Reservations

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