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The trip was filled with new wildlife. Llama-like guanacos were ever present. Massive condors frequent soared above us. Ostrich-like Nandu's grazed the fields next to domesticated sheep. Parrots squawked, penguins waddled, and pink flamingos simply stood. In birds alone, I saw countless varieties and species completely new to me.

Unfortunately, all of my wildlife pictures leave much to be desired. I never have the desire to photograph such skittish subjects. Included below are what shots I did take simply for completeness. 

The ever present guanaco
BIG bumblebee

Everything in Patagonia was huge -- from Condors to Bumblebees. I managed to take a picture of one such DC10 as I ducked from its close flyby. Unfortunately, the Patagonia dandelions are equally huge, thus negating the perspective. 

The condors were amazing -- massive beasts floating quietly on the wind. Their heads are downright vile, but the tops of their wings are coated with a white stripe that balances their beauty. 

Condors Soaring
Penguins In File
Penguins Emerging from the Sea

We did have a chance to visit a penguin colony on the return trip home. It was so bitterly cold, however, that I took a quick snapshot and then immediately began the walk back to the van. Wimp. 

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