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During the REI Adventures portion of my trip, I was accompanied by an eclectic, odd assortment of people from all walks of life. Disciplines represented included computers, astronomy, bio-chemistry, fashion photography, pediatrics, environmental science, law, social services and interior design. It was a great group of people, one that thrived on the eclecticness grounded by the common interest in being outdoors in Patagonia.

In the picture below, the people are back row: Sue, Robyn, Al, Me, Roberto, Joeseph, Tim; middle row: Janell, Katherine, Anna, Damian, Micki, Anne; front row: Michelle, Bob 

Manuel, our fearless leader
REI Adventures 2001 November Patagonia Team
Manuel, Lackey Boy

Our guide Manuel was awesome — just the right mix of patience, experience and enthusiasm. One conversation I remember distinctly is Manuel's love for "play" — specifically the play that a child is capable of doing that dissipates with adulthood. A child is so wholly and completely absorbed by their imaginations and creations. Manuel lives as such — freely. He has the rare ability to lead, be a romantic and still nurture a desire to live free — a combination not frequently found. 

Sue was a frequent trail companion; she is unrivaled in her ability to keep the conversation going! :-) 

Sue going up to see Torres del Paine Lookout
Manuel's greatest feat was the magical ability to consistently find hot tea and chocolate in his trail pack at the farthest most point from our camp.

Micki, Michelle, Min (Katherine), and Roberto provided the fruitful and engaging conversations, and I dare say, libido (at least for some), for the trip. 

Hams: Micki, Michelle, Min, and Roberto
Manuel at his best
Roberto the fashion photographer, and Min, his subject.

Roberto was the flamboyant Don Juan of the trip, and taught me a great deal through many conversations. I wrote quite a lot about the difference between the comfort of a woman and the love of a woman. 

The trip's support group was awesome — including the two drivers who mastered intense driving conditions, and the two cooks (including Matu!) who were kind enough to share their Yerba Mate with us. To the right is a bridge that literally had two inches clearance on the sides that we had to repeatedly cross. We inched along the bridge with expert precision, thanks to our great drivers.  

Just two inches side clearance!
Another trip over the bridge.

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