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After the grueling Glacier Grey hike and waking up to snow on our tents, we spent the next night at the incredible Hosteria Pehoe. With the fresh snowfall, the front face of Torres del Paine was a'bloom with dark nooks and and inspiring texture. The sun highlighted the view as we arrived at the hosteria, further emphasizing the magnificence. 

The full Torres del Paine Panoramic view

The place was quite spiritual to me, I spent much time sitting on the bridge to the Hosteria's small island, soaking in the views. This was definitely one of the most beautiful places I have witnessed. 

Tig and Hosteria Pehoe
A full panorama of the sights...
The sun setting on the Cuernos del Paine

View upon view, I let my shutter loose so that I could at last, view the sight without film or lens between me and the landscape. As the sun set over the view, I ceased my record taking and focused on my retina's imprints. 

After the sun had set, I took a few pictures of the horns under starlight. Without a cable release, I had to hold down the shutter manually in the freezing wind traversing the glacier fed lake. With my whole body in contortions with shivers, I exerted all concentration on keeping the finger on the button as still as possible. The picture below is my favorite fruit from the effort. 

Night time over the Cuernos del Paine
Stars over Cuernos del Paine

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