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Patagonia was filled with beautiful flowers just beginning to bloom. I have captured a few of my more favorite flowers below. To learn the name of a flower shown below, hold you mouse over each of the images.

The Notro (to the right) was the most common flowering bush during my November visit. It's bright red flowers frequented many hillsides. 

Notro (Embothrium Coccineum)
Unknown Slipper (seems quite similar, yet still distinct from Capachito (Calceolaria biflora) below. Zapatito de la Virgen (Sand Lady's Slipper) (Calceolaria uniflora)
Capachito (Calceolaria biflora)

The Porcelain Orchied (shown to the right) was my greatest Patagonian find. I was quite thrilled to find this relatively rare orchid on a hike near Hosteria Las Torres. 

Orquidea vy Porcelana (Chloraea Magellenica)
Zapatito (Calceolaria uniflora)
Zapatito de la Virgen (Sand Lady's Slipper) (Calceolaria uniflora)

Zapatito (or Zapatito de la Virgen) (Calceolaria uniflora) were one of the more flamboyant wildflowers on the trip. Wow! 

The Palomita frequented the lake side of Lago Skottsberg on the Glacier Frances hike.  

Palomita - Dog Orchid (Codonorchis lessonii)
An unknown flower, that when dried, turns a brilliant red color. It was quite common on the Patagonia Steppes, at the Laguna Azul hike.
Neneo's in bloom

Neneo bushes frequent the steppes at the base of the Torres del Paine peaks. Be sure to visit the Laguna Azul hike for more pictures.  

More Neneos

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