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Baja Fish

Thanks to Mark's equipment, I tried my hand at snorkeling. I love swimming and feel very natural in the water, but I must admit that I found snorkeling incredibly disconcerting. The experience to me was very disorienting and disconnecting. I was overwhelmed with the total loss of direction, the warping of distance, the loss of sight of my own body, the constant sound of my breathing so strongly in my ears, and the ever-present threat of swallowing water. 

I did, nonetheless, manage to take a few quick images underwater. It was such an amazing feeling to dip into a new world filled with incredible life — particularly in contrast to the desert above. The reefs there were teeming with life and variety. I counted 20+ different fish. The coral also was equally impressive. 

Blue Fish

My favorite fish was an extremely shy deep blue fish that only darted out but very rarely. I caught this quick snapshot, where you can see a small patch of it alongside a spotted puffer-like fish. 

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