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Most people go to La Paz for the beaches, and I am no different. North of town are several beaches that are absolutely spectacular. I spent nearly every day on these beaches, writing, walking, thinking. It was ideal. I stayed until sunset nearly every day — which was always a special way to end the day. 

La Paz's Famous Landmark
La Paz's Natural Colors
Arching Shorelines

The area seemed to demand respect, and it was easy to do just that. The colors were so rich, from the green waters, to the red and white sands, to the deep blue of the ocean. After the fourth or fifth day of it, I really started to feel the place in my fingertips, tangibly. 

La Playa Balandra

Just to give a sense of scale, look at the two people walking across the shallow waters of La Playa Balandra. To walk across the whole playa could take upwards of an hour. 

360 degree panorama looking over La Playa Balandra
These two panoramas cover a full 360 degree view. (Notice the two pelicans below who had landed by the time I got all the way around!)
360 degree panorama from the middle of La Playa Balandra

Below are some sunset shots. Sunset was always a special time on the beach. The air would be buzzing with pelicans diving, and the water would take on a sheen and disquietness about it as the sun disappeared. Most of the subtle things that one sees after a week of witnessing it are very difficult to capture in words or film. 

Sunset Waters
Sunset Sunset Placidity

Tig was with me on my daily beach hikes. Take a close look at the plant that Tig is sitting in. It is very typical of many of the plants in the desert. It seemed like just a odd colored pile of sticks. Brushing up against some of these plants, the limbs would snap off easily, like dried tinder. 

Tig in the Bushes
Cave Carving the Sky My Secret Spot
Writing, Considering

I was in La Paz with a mission — a mission to figure out what I wanted out of life. The above pictures show what my "clean, well-lighted spot" looked like. Here, I spent hours writing in my laptop. Occasionally, I would take a break and watch the microcosm of life going through its day to day in the small beach around me. Watching millimeter hermit crabs fight, and then being eaten by larger blue crabs, I thought of Thoreau spending hours watching ants. The wildlife around me was ever present, and usually quite obvious.  

My Clean, Well Lighted Place
Great Blue Heron Tig A'Loft
Geoff A'Loft

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