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When I could, I would walk around the city of La Paz and explore various shops, markets and sights. It's a pleasant town, and only minorly overrun with touristic tackiness (ala Cabo). The image to the left is a shot of the pool at the place where I stayed — a great luxury for a still inexpensive (my U.S. standards) room. 

My Hotel Pool
My Hotel Room

The hotel where I stayed most of the time was quite pleasing to the eye.

The boardwalk that runs the length of LaPaz's beach line is especially beautiful, complete with playgrounds and spontaneous soccer matches. Below is a picture of the La Paz variation of the jungle gym. 

La Paz's Colors

For my daily sustenance, I would visit Hernando Gonzales' Super Taco stand. It is a landmark in La Paz for incredible fish, clam, etc. tacos. To top it all off, there is an assortment of toppings (all unique and new to me) that were to die for. After a year later, I still can taste those tacos... 

Cabo Hotel

When I arrived in Cabo (before driving to La Paz), I experienced my first exposure to a foreign language. La Paz was my first trip where I could not speak a word of the native language. It took me a while just to get situated and acclimatized to the different culture. To the right is the first hotel I could find that looked inexpensive — and wow, it was awesome! 

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