Geoff and Jenn's 1997 Glacier NP Trip
Day 7: The Final Leg


Viewpoint in the North Cascades

We awoke the next morning high and dry, thanks to our sturdy and watertight Eureka! tent (and the silent prayer said before falling asleep the night before)... We packed up all the wet camping equipment and got on the road to tackle the final mountain pass: the Cascades National Park. All our hopes of the weather clearing to open the views of the surrounding magnificent mountains were thwarted by the low lying clouds and slow steady drizzle. Fall had descended upon the Northwest once again. We speculated on exactly how high the peaks around us actually loomed. Although the tops of the mountains were tucked away, the clouds added a mysterious and mystic feel to the valleys. We stopped now and then to snap some shots.

Viewpoint in the North Cascades
One of the most picturesque places being the overlook to Diablo Dam and the blue-green lakes.

The next stop was the Gorge Falls: a waterfall too beautiful for pictures (as a timed exposure was impossible due to the constant shaking of the bridge across the gorge). Jen's stomach was turning slight somersaults from the vertigo of looking down through the wire mesh walkway to the stream FAR below.

Roadside View Along Cascades Highway
Fields at the base of the Cascades


We continued to the North Cascades NP Visitor's Center and were compensated for our lack of the Cooley Dam stamp by getting three different stamps! We proceeded to the little town of Concrete and stopped for lunch in a small but very yuppie cafe. Refueled, we got back in the car -- determined to get to Seattle before we stopped again. No such luck. Right as we got onto the interstate, Geoff spied a Bon Department Store. We doubled back to get a wedding gift for Cheryl and Joe.

Upon crossing over the Stilaguimish river, Geoff belted out "Stillaguimish!", Jenn replied, "No, Actually I'm feeling a little bit better." We finally arrived in Seattle and stopped by Laura and Gregg's for a quick visit.

We talked about all sorts of interesting things, though, none of which stuck in our minds for too long.
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