Geoff and Jenn's 1997 Glacier NP Trip
Day 2: To Glacier!

Got up and around, grabbed the "usual" at McDonald's and headed east out of Missoula on Highway 200 and then north on Highway 83. Beautiful lakes nestled along this valley (and log trucks too). Entered Glacier NP through the west entrance, stopped by the Visitor's Center and Headed over Logan's pass on the road to the sun. Beautiful! Words cannot and picture cannot grasp the beauty of these alpine slopes and valleys... I am anxious to go hiking tomorrow keeping my eyes peeled for bears, elk, and mountain goats and bighorn sheep. It would be such a kick to see a bear for the first time!


View Not To Far From Our Campsite. Wow, eh?


Found a campsite among the remaining picked-over sites at the Rising Sun Campground. Very unusual for us to set up camp before dusk -- so Geoff is enjoying a nap while I vow to keep up this journal... ;-)

St. Mary's Lake
Skeleton Fingers




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