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Hidden Lake, Glacier National Park

At the end of July, 2004, Lenka, Emerson and I headed up to Glacier National Park to visit with my family for summer vacation. We also spent time with Uncle Warren, Aunt Sue, and their kids. Photo-wise, nothing could beat the incredible panoramas of Glacier NP. Most of the pictures below are from the various hikes we took during our week stay there. 

Stuffing Stuff!
Highline Trail
Highline Trail

One of the most spectacular hikes in all of the United States, in my humble opinion, is the Highline Trail. It is a 11 mile trip underneath the razor sharp Garden Wall. I've done the hike three times over the past thirteen years, and always leave the trail amazed with the views.

The two images below are separated by those 13 years -- the one on the left is from my visit in 1991, and the one on the right is the 21st century version. 

1991 A'Loft 2004 A'Loft
Glacier's expanse can't be captured with single photo's it seems, and thus many of the images here are panoramas stitched together from multiple photographs. The highline trail especially demanded it, given the wide views of the glacier carved valleys. On the panorama below, the trail travels far above the road seen cutting through the garden wall on the far right.

Highline Trail Beginning
Lovebirds 1 Lovebirds 2
Similar to Yellowstone in 1989, Glacier National Park was swept over by forest fires in 2003. The reach of the fires extended all the way to part of the hike down from the Highline trail (from the Granite Park Chalet to the Going-to-the-Sun Road). The burnt areas created beautiful patterns in the trees, as seen below. We noticed how our mood dropped and exhaustion set it whenever we entered the burnt areas. It made us cognizant of the huge presence of comfort that wraps around you like a warm blanket when you walk through trails filled with bio-life, from trees to meadows to wildlife. Entering these burnt areas that were so life less and still, we were reminded of the interconnectedness of life...

Burnt Exhaustion Forest Fire Patterns
Measuring Water
Avalanche Lake

Lenka, Emerson, Laura and I headed up to Avalanche lake for a short hike. It is yet one more beautiful spot in the park that has relatively easy access. Emerson and Laura had a chance to have their own bonding time, as they sped ahead. The beauty of the place tempted us to keep the camera shutters moving.  

Avalanche Lake
Aunt Laura and Emerson Shadows
Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park
Model Shots 1 Model Shots 2
Hiking Buds

Laura found a shadow that day... 

Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake Explorers

The third hike we went on was a quick jaunt to Hidden Lake from Logan's Pass. Dad and Laura joined us this time, while Emerson stayed back with Nana, Warren, Sue and family.

For the best view, check out the first panoramic photograph at the top of this page. 

Hidden Lake

Did I mention that the wildflowers were in bloom? 

Indian Paintbrush
Dad at Hidden lake Viewpoint
Around Town
Skipping Stones - Father and Son
Dirty Dogs! (It's yoga time)

Mom and Dad rented an incredible house off of Whitefish Lake. Of all the places Mom and Dad have rented, this was one of the best. We spent time doing all sorts of other things, besides just hiking around. Memories include:

  • Canoing on Whitefish Lake, and sleeping along the coast line.
  • Watching Laura, Lenka and Emerson do their daily Yoga
  • Nana and Emerson playing with their Bionicles
  • Going to the Columbia Falls waterpark with Emerson, Creath and Katherine - loads of non-stop fun.
  • Flipping through photos with Warren and Sue
  • The terror of seeing Emerson climb up four stories high in a tree, under Nana's "watch". I thought that was bad enough, but she won't even tell me what daredevils they did in the pool!

Final Parting Shot

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