Geoff and Jenn's 1998 California Trip
Day 9: Crater Lake and the sRogue

Sunday, October 4th, 1998

I begin our final journal entry just a few hours later. After surviving a night of heartburn from last night's cheap but spicy pepporini pizza, we were awoken at 4 AM to the louding banging of the apartment above us. "Hey Tom! Its Bruce!" Evidently, Hunter Tom had slept through his alarm. With all the yelling and pounding, Jenn and I got more and more wide awake and more and more ready to to go out with Bruce to shoot some ducks, but... poor Tom kept sleeping on like a brick beneath the Golden Gate bridge. Jenn and I started cracking jokes, like: "Hey TOM!!! <chick-chick --- BOOM>!" and various Elmur Fudd impersonations.

Crater Lake in Snow!

From Klamath Falls, we headed home, but luckily we stopped at Crater Lake along the way, where we were greeted with a fresh snow fall. The lake was absolutely radiant, and I had to buy film in order to capture as much of the view as possible. Spectacular! The plethora of pictures below stand as testament to the beauty!

Snow View from the Rim
A Personal Favorite: Red Berries and Snow


Self Portrait (Hold the camera out with one hand ;-)
Did I mention that the snow reflecting the sun made it REALLY bright!?


One more shot from the rim


A Cute Couple?


The Wizard Cone, Jenn and Em!


We also stopped by the Rogue River gorge near Crater lake, where the Rogue River flows through several lava tubes -- quite a sight for lava tube enthusiasts like ourselves. Most of the tubes that the river coursed through had caved in, leaving a narrow, lava-lined gorge. There is one spot, however, where the cave remains intact, and the river rushes into the ground where it goes through two 90 degree turns before emmerging out of the ground a few hundred feet downstream. The "bridge" that is formed over the river actually has mini-blow holes where the pressure of the raging river spit through the ground!
The Rogue flowing through a collapsed lava tube

We drove on to home, and so ends our vacation! Next year: Ireland?



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