Geoff and Jenn's 1998 California Trip
Day 3: More of the Redwoods

Monday, September 28th, 1998

[Today's entry was recorded in quick note form due to failing battery life on the notepad! Isn't technology great?]

Emerson crawls around the inside of an old redwood's trunk
Geoff and Em after a morning camp wash

Revisited Stout Grove in the daylight. This time Jenn said something poetic, but neither of us could remember it by the end of the day. Desiderata. Stout Tree. Pictures of Emerson in the decayed skeleton of a redwood.

Redwoods filtering the Sun
One more Stout Grove picture


Drove to Crescent City, pitstop at subway.

Along the way down, saw the pelicans. Nose diving.

The Pelicans!


Being buffetted by the coast
We took a couple side trips to various lookouts, including one overlooking the Klamath meeting the Pacific, and another overlooking High Bluff" -- where Emerson saw his first caterpillar, a hairy orange one. Jenn prevented it from being squished and eaten -- he escaped only with a ruffled hairdo.


Another Coast Shot


The drive through the redwoods was beautiful. Big Tree (a let down). Every grove had a name.

Camped at Prairie Creek State Park, where Geoff introduced the Subura's rear bumper to the bark of a redwood. Big dent ensued.

Camped at spot 69 (no connotations please).

Headed over to Barrel Rd -- a phenomenal short drive through the redwoods on a narrow gravel road. We joked on how to remember Rememberance Grove, Geoff's favorite spot so far.

The Subaru at Rememberance Grove


An Elk just next to our campsite
We had schnitzels for dinner at Rolf's -- a quaint, authentic German restaurant. Heard the elk bugle-ing behind, and took a quick walk there.

Emerson wearing down -- the high pitched bugling of his own accompanied much of our stops throughout the day.


Back at camp, Jenn made a textbook boyscout campfire, and we talked about the "Now" and our old grade school teachers.
Our Tent beneath the Trees



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