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At the end of our trip together, we came to Karlovy Vary, also known as Carlsbad to the international visitors. It is a city famous for its healing mineral springs. Kings, queens, communist leaders, common folk...people from all walks of life has seeked its healing mists and liquors for aches of the body, heart or soul. For centuries they all shared into the promise of rejuvenation from the underground springs.  

Night promenade
Karlovy Vary at night

We were extremely lucky to be in Karlovy Vary during the week when the autumn leaves were at their most brilliant. The city sits in a valley, which serves as a painted canvas backdrop to the skyline of historic promenade buildings. Nowhere near the size and popularity of Prague or Brugge, Karlovy Vary struck us with its understated grandiosity and natural beauty.  

Autumn days
Autumn days

Same background, take two. We decided to add this picture for a sense of humor more than anything else....  

Night time

Not all healing procedures are as easy as drinking mineral water. If you are having trouble imagining, think of Volga Protrudsky snapping on that latex glove, as she starts the vacumn cleaner and roughly whispers behind you in a thick Russian accent: "hold on to the metal bars and lean a bit more forward" 

Commie art

Art or ? No better way to explain these than to say that the communists managed to contribute few really "different" (read: ugly) architectural additions to the city. We imagined all sorts of maniacal uses for these electric orbs, complete with bellowing deep insidious laughters for absolutely no reason. 

Now back to some things more beautiful.  

City street
The Grand Hotel Pupp

The Grand Hotel Pupp: This is one of the most premier places to stay in the Czech Republic. After having some interesting experiences with local places to stay, and after Lenka saw so many (particular) foreigners in the town acting like they owned it, she became determined to make her own case by staying at the Pupp for our last night in the town. Skilled with days of speaking pure Czech, she walked in an explained how she and her "fiance" had been saving for years and years to stay one night at the Pupp, and asked if there was a special "Czech" rate that we could have. When Lenka pulls out the guns, the enemy quakes. We scored an awesome room at an incredible rate, especially after conversion! 

Czech republic has been Geoff's lucky place for feeling like royality. (Lenka was so overwhelmed by an all marble bathroom that she just couldn't wait to take pictures of it!) 

The Grand Hotel Pupp
The Grand Hotel Pupp The Grand Hotel Pupp
Autumn days
Autumn days
The last spring

The fountain of good life. There is more than one reason for Lenka's smile. You know why if you've already visited our Karlovy Vary Mineral Springs page. Be sure to czech out this page for the pictures of us tasting all of the different springs. 

Valley View

These last pictures are views of Karlovy Vary from the top of the observatory tower.  

Valley View
Autumn forest

Kick off the shoes. Step onto the intricate subtle pattern of the forest carpet. Run between the trees, occasionally grabbing a trunk and spinning around its axis. Laugh. Laugh out loud and hear the trees whisper back an answer. Feel life around you. Feel life in you. Then suddenly stop. Don't even breath. Raise year eyes up and say Thank You. Slowly put your shoes back on, on purpose leaving fragments of leaves between your toes. Life is a beautiful. 

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