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On the way through Austria, I stopped at the Krimml waterfalls. The falls had one of the strongest blast zones from the falls that I have ever seen. Combine this with the freezing temperatures and a winter wonderland erupted. Simple blades of grass yielded huge fingers of ice. I took many pictures on the highlight of the day. 

Simply Ice Scultped Grass
Look for the blades of grass
Simple Sculpture
My favorite ice sculpture
Fields of Crystals

As I walked gently among the ice, I heard the constant sound of crackling, as ice finally succumbed to the pressures of its own weight. The act of walking itself was difficult —in order to preserve the beauty of the place, I limited myself to spots where the ice was accumulating on rocks. Rocks coated with an inch or two of ice do not make secure footings. 

Crystal Heaven
Krimml Falls and its Iced Blast Zone

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