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During the 2002 visit to Alaska, my parents sprang for a boat trip into the Kenai Fjords for the entire family. It was an awesome treat. Besides dining on grilled fresh salmon, we traveled into several fjords to see glaciers releasing their immense loads into the north Pacific Ocean.  

Peters Clan
Thanks Mom and Dad!

Many thanks to Mom and Dad for allowing us all to go on the trip! 

Along the way, we saw a variety of wildlife, including bears, sea lions, and this sea otter. I did a little photoshop effecting on it for fun. 

Sea Otter along the way

Another wildlife sighting was these birds that nestled into the smallest of cracks above the pounding surf. 

Abstract #1

The coast line south of Seward was fairly rocky, perhaps showing the result of previous glacier carving. It made for some nice abstracts. 

Abstract #2
Go Ship, Go!

Our ultimate goal for the boat ride was this massive glacier rolling into a deep fjord. It was huge, to put it simply. For scale, take a look at the large boat that was heading back to Seward as we arrived at the glacier. 

A side glacier

When we arrived at the glacier, the captain turned off the engines and we sat quietly, listening to the glacier crack, moan, crash, and simply rumble and grumble. 

Glacier Calving
Top of Glacier Edge
Wider image of glacier edge's top

The top of the glacier's edge was fascinating to me. It seemed like mighty fortress towers crumbling quickly to the heat of time. 

This is the final parting shot, after another ship arrived to break our peaceful coexistence with the glacier. It gives another good measure of scale. 

Massive Glacier
Family Parting Shot (Thanks Dad!)

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